yum and Suse 10.0 – an update

suse-chameleonI updated my article about yum and Suse 10.0 (10.0, not 10.1) since there are still very many people who come to this blog just to read this article.
The new thing now is that I added the update repository as well which is provided for some months now after I filled a bug report against it – you are now able to use yum to manage the entire software as well as you can do it with Suse Linux 10.1.

The problem is though that I do not have any possibility to test the additional repository and the mirror lists – so if there is anyone out there having a Suse 10.0 with a yum setup, please tell me if this – if not, try to tell as exact as possible what is the problem.
And, if we are already taking about that: yum can be used with variables in the config file, like $basearch – I would really like to know how the variable $releasever resolves in Suse 10.0 because I could probably try to use the same files for Suse 10.0 and 10.1 but I’m not sure if the variable in Suse 10.0 resolves as 10.0-OSS or as 10.0. Every comment is appreciated!


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