apt4rpm and Fedora Core

aptrpmToday I noticed that the livna-rpm package, which provides comfiguration files for yum, was updated and now also comes with entries for apt-sources.
I was even more surprised when I realized that the sources.list files for livna can now be found in the subfolder /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ which is very similar to the yum way: /etc/yum.repos.d/. In these subfolder you find one file for each repository which helps to keep an overview over the different repositories as well as changing these files automatically. If you want to add another repository all you have to do is to drop their sources-list file in this directory, and it’s done. This can also be done by a rpm package, there is no more need for editing one file for several different repos.

What I also noticed was that the repositories are now configured as repomd. This means that there is no need anymore to provide additional directories for apt-users – they can just use the standard XML package metadata format. The advantage here is that every user can chosse his preferred tool and does not need to have servers which provide specific repository data.

But once thing is not really perfect at the moment. The first note in the livna-source file shows it best:

# Please use a nearby repository – a list of mirrors is available eg. at
# http://rpm.livna.org/smart-mirrors.txt . Pick one from the list, and
# replace http://rpm.livna.org/fedora/ below with it.

Yum can automatically use server side provided mirrors and does not have to interact with the user about that. But anyway, the fact that apt is now available again for Fedora Core is nice for these people who love that tool.
Btw.: if you want to make a quick install of apt for Fedora Core in a standard setup (e.g. with livna repository), just make this:

yum install livna-release fedora-package-config-apt apt

This will add sources lists for fedora core, fedora extras, fedora updates and for livna. Please keep in mind that you should use a mirror instead of the default servers.


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