KDE News

The last days have seen quite a lot of new news appearing at the dot.

The first one was the announcement of amarok 1.4 – since Fedora Core is shipped with a beta version that does not really mean too much for me, but it is just nice to see that such an wesome program can still be developed and improved. I wish there would be a similar player around with a similar developer group, but this time for videos/multimedia!

Multimedia was also featured by another article: the KDE Multimedia Meeting will take place soon. The topics are dealing with Phonon as well as with the design of amarok2 and future kaffeine versions – something I highly appreciate since I do not really like the way kaffeine is designed although it is my favourite video player.

But the future of KDE is not only about multimedia, there will be big changes in the world of office related stuff. For example, KDE joined the ODF Alliance. The ODF Alliance is one of the main forces behind the Open Document Format, and almost every important IT company can be found there (except MS, of course). Their goal is to achieve a wider spread and usage of ODF, and with KDE as a member it is clearly obvious that Open Document is not just another label for a new Star Office/OpenOffice xml file format, but really a standard file format which is used by different implementations.

Another article of the last days on the dot is an interview about OpenSync, the common synchronization framework fore KDE and GNOME (and hopefully all the other Free desktops as well). The idea is that every synchronization is done by OpenSync and that no one has to care if application xy supports device yz – the only thing which is important is if these things have OpenSync support.
This also gives the possibility that device developers for example just have to contact one single project to get support for their devices. They just have to make sure that their device is working with OpenSync, and that’s it. Finally, I can hope to get synching support for my mobile phone 🙂

The last artcile I like to point out deals with KDE hosting. A company offers NX-access to a Kubuntu (or, if you want to, also Ubuntu) desktop with 1 GB space. Although this cannot replace your home computer it is a nice option to store a development environment or something similar in the net which is then accessible everywhere everytime – all you need is a nx client which is available for almost every plattform and environment.

One other thing I found by reading some mails was a note of a new project: Telephonik is an attempt to create a kind of multi-VoIP application for KDE. I do not know how good I should feel about that since I would prefer seeing an improvement in kopete rather than a new application, but time will tell 🙂


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