(K)Powersave for Fedora Core 5

Novell/Suse released a tool some month ago which is called Powersave. It comes together with KPowersave which is a replacement for KLaptop. The project is heavily used and supported by Novell.

Today I saw that the project has released a new version together with new binary files. Among the binary files there are now also files for Fedora Core 5 which can be easily installed (just download them and install). The only problem I run into was that I had to install the dependency dbus-qt which requires a dbus-version (which is sensible) but does not like my dbus version (which is less sensible since it is the version it requires).
Looks like a bug to me. But --nodeps solved this problem, and now Powersave works here stable and nice – although I have to admit that I cannot really say something about the differences because first my laptop runs on wire almost all the time and second because I haven’t tested it really.

But the first impression is quite nice: it has a nice graphical interface which works in real time when I unplug the battery for example, you have four different running schemes (accoustic, performance, energy, presentation) which can be configured independent from each other, and the usual CPU supported schemes.
THe whole program feels kind of “smooth”, but I don’t want to test suspend things since my graphic card probably does not support it (Radeon 9700) :/

Btw., that’s again a situation where the friendly guys from Novell provide Fedora Core files – a thing I pretty much appreciate and which is not usual. I’m looking forward to the new build plattform Novell wants to launch somewhen together with the next Suse version which should be able to build packages out of source files for several different architectures and Linux distributions. Looks like Fedora Core will be supported – I really like that 😀


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