Xdg tools of the Portland project

desktoplinux.com has an informative article about the improvements of the Portland Project.

The article basicaly describes the the Xdg tools which are command line tools fullfilling simple tasks like “open in preferred application”, “open preferred e-mail client”, “create menu entry”, “create desktop icon” and so on. These tools provide developers with easy to use functions which have to be made to smooth install an application on a Linux desktop without caring which desktop environment is used. They will be followed by solutions for even more important tasks like “opening a file” or “print this page” – it makes sense when a GNOME user is faced with the same printer interface and open/save interface in KDE applications in his/her GNOME as he/she is when using GNOME applications.

As the article points out – we are only talking about 5% of that what an application is made of – the usual application (function) does not really care about the window manager or the desktop environment – when you are using a video browser you normally just interact with the internet – until you want to save or print anything, or at the beginning, when you install the application. And these are the places where Portland steps up and makes sure that you do not feel any difference in the handling of all applications you use, independent from the base on which the application is programmed.

I hope that the biggest and most important tasks of the Portland project are finished when KDE 4.0 comes out – it is the biggest chance now to introduce such fundamental changes into KDE howey could be necessary for Portland compatibility…


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