Suse 10.1

It is out! At least, the first mirrors already have it. This time there are full sets of torrent files provided, grab them and start downloading since it makes the downloads of other users faster – mine for example 😉

At the moment no news site has published a message about that, but that will happen soon. I will try to play a little bit around with these files and will try to install the Suse version on a vmware to get an idea what the new package management is like – and probably to update the yum article I posted months ago and which is still the most searched and read article I have – I never would have guessed that…

Besides, this time you can find repodata information for all directories, it should be quite easy to access them with yum. I wonder if the new package manager uses xml package metadata by default…

Btw.: the only thing missing now is a Suse 10.1 vmware image to directly access and test it. I thing that the most Linux distributions still haven’t realized what they can offer with such a virtual machine image. There was a virtual machine for eacht Fedora Core Test version last release cycle and pretty much appreciated that!


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