iFolder client on Fedora Core 5

After I already wrote a howto about how to install iFolder server on Fedora Core 5 I would like to add a “howto” about the installation of the client. Although, I have to admit that “howto” is a big word for such a short comment…

That’s because fortunately the iFolder project also provides rpms for the iFolder client together with the xml package metadata. They do even provide a Fedora Core 5 repository file.
Download the file to /etc/yum.repos.d/* and install th client with yum: yum install ifolder3

The client can be started using the command ifolder.

Well, that’s it, you’re done. So much about the big word “howto”… One word to the guys at ifolder.com: I really appreciate that you are providing yum repositories for your packages!
One thing about the client version: this howto describes how to install the version 3.4 – The official stable build is version 3.2, the newest version though is 3.5, but there are no rpms for Fedora yet.



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