Xgl and KDE – Screenshots

I already blogged about Xgl and showed some screenshots. One disadvantage from my point of view was that these experiments were done within GNOME and that I had no Idea if this would work with KDE. After some told me that it would I had no idea how well it would work, so the basic problem persisted 😉
But, again, Kororaa which gathered quite a lot of interest due to providing the first Xgl live Linux CD filled the gap with their live CD version 0.2: the new versions comes along with the option to log into a KDE session.
So I had a look at it – and it works nice, almost just like the GNOME version. Here are the usual screenshots, but they are not much different from what I offered before.

First some things I missed last time:
The smooth zoom gives the ability to fully zoom into the picture continuous and live.


Something else I didn’t show were the wobbling windows:


Another nice feature added with this kororaa version is the Xgl-action script: it adds a screen saver running live as part of the whole desktop. Here is a screenshot with a video running underneath it as well as transparency added to several windows.


The other screenshots were just taken to test if everything works as expected:

The cube with the video on it’s edge – this time realised with Kaffeine:


Live preview with transparency (that what I really would like to have right here right now 🙂 ):


Overview zoom with live preview:


The same, but with a lot more transparency:


And to verify that I was really using KDE:


Ok, enough screenshots, something about the handling and the pro and cons:

The handling was nice – everything worked out of the box and quite similar as in GNOME, so they (read: Xgl developers) really meant it serious when they said they will implement it desktop agnostic.
The only thing which was really missing was the virtual desktop switcher: the KDE desktop panel did only show one desktop, and I wasn’t able to convince it to show more to just switch them by mouse.

Another thing which was quite surprising was that the ksnapshot tool which I used to make the screenshots here was not affected by the wobbling at all – it was as static as usual which comes probably out of the fact that it behaves different even on a normal desktop in serveral ways, I think. Nevertheless it was a kind of surprise!
There were hardly things I noticed besides that – but I was just testing for around 5 minutes, nothing more, and I didn’t try to play any 3D game nor did I try to load old programs or stuff like that. But since Xgl is still in early development this is acceptable.

I just hope that this stuff (either in the form of Xgl or in the form of AIGLX) finds it’s way into the normal Linux destkop so that KDE can not only run on top of it but can really take usage of this stuff 🙂


7 thoughts on “Xgl and KDE – Screenshots”

  1. I use XGL daily with KDE in Gentoo. The only thing I miss is shortcuts(Alt + F2, Alt + F1), do you ahve any shortcut working. I only tried Kororaa 0.1. The nicest thing is that CPU and memory usage is alot smaller, at least by me with Nvidia Geforce 6600.

  2. I didn’t test the shortcuts, but I will try next time I play around with Kororaa – my normal distribution is Fedora Core and I does not want to try around with Xgl on my daily productive system 🙂

  3. Downloaded the kororaa live cd 0.2 after reading your posts, but when I select the KDE 3.5 session at login it still starts the Gnome window manager. Did you have to enter a username/password to log in to the kde session? Any help would be appreciated, I really prefer KDE to Gnome.

  4. Hey darkhorse,

    I booted from the CD as usual, logged out of the gnome session (which is default) and came to the login-screen. There I changed the default session to KDE, provided username and pwd (kororaa, password is xgl), and logged back in.

    If it does not work in this way I can try it again to look after problems.

  5. thanks, i tried that and it worked! even though i am a fedora core supporter, i am seriously considering moving to opensuse due to the availability of packages for xgl and compiz. i never thought i would turn into one of ‘those’ people who fell in love with eye candy, but apparently i am.
    as an aside, i think linux now has a shot at competing with both windows and macintosh for space on desktops everywhere. cheers!

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