Kumula Business suite

Looking over kde-apps.org I came across the kumula business suite, a program “designed to become a complete software suite for business needs”. Although I do not have this needs (at least, not at the moment and in the newar time future) I really like it to see an application like this growing and made with serious efforts.

The project has already reached 1.0 which means in this case to grow so big that it has to split in one main application and different addiotional modules for different working tasks. While the main module has just the basic funcitons (configuration, client manager, user manager, calculator) the additional modules are at the moment one for writing letters to your clients and one for case management for lawyers. That is, by the way, a very interesting step because I’ve never seen something like this before 🙂

Thw whole application looks very well organized and designed at the moment, and it looks also that it is quite user friendly – it is there to just help you with your daily, business typical tasks.
The paradigms of the project sound also very promising:

Platform independence
Native interface (not web-based)
Keep it simple!
Flexibility with modularity

Especially the second one is very interesting since they want to provide native integrated clients with platform independence – and that should be quite easy with Qt. And with KDE 4 we will probably see an even better integration into the standard KDE!

Sure, there are a lot of modules missing at the moment, and you probably shouldn’t run this program to manage a company with some thousand workers, but for a small lawyer office or a small company with some employees this could work.

So, the next time someone asks me after a specific task and if there are solutions in the OpenSource world, I have one nice looking answer more 🙂


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