Kubuntu is going to hire KDE developers

The german news service Golem.de reports that Mark Shuttleworth is going to hire KDE developers (german only, sorry).

In an interview he told that with the next version, Dapper Drake, there will be CDs shipped with KDE included. And that they will hire KDE developers which will work on KDE.

I say to you that we want integrate and present their work together . So that also your grandmother can use Kubuntu.

Ubuntu will continue to use GNOME as the standard desktop, but KDE will also be a priority according to Shuttleworth. But he also told that the problems around kubuntu.de were the result of one frustrated developer, and not a problem of the whole KDE community at all.

There is a meeting going on today at the LinuxTag about this topic, let’s see if we will see some new announcements around this topic. Ubuntu already looks very nice, I hope that the same will happen with Kubuntu, it could become my first choice as a the desktop I would other recommend others – but well, let’s have a look at the next Suse, it should be released soon also 🙂


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