KDE commit digest

For the people who want to keep up to date with the development of KDE the commit digest provided them with a weekly documented summarize of the cvs-changes done in the KDE cvs repository. Unfortunately this digest was last published in early October 2005.

But now Danny Allen has taken over this task and provides us with these useful and very interesting information in the changes together with the most important e-mails posted on the lists about the development. The homepage got a redesign (as far as I can remember) and makes it easy to surf through the new as well as through the old digests.
And, as usual, you can go through each digest sorted by module or sorted by the type of change: Bug Fixes, Features, Optimise, Security, Other.
This is very important in these days where all users are waiting for KDE 4: since the most users do not feel that something is happening and that code is developd by the KDE community, there hsa to be channels which show that there is a lot happening, and that KDE 4 comes into shape slowly, but steadily. Therefore: spread the word, especially the feature section!

Btw., speaking about the newest digest, it contains the information that the freeze for KDE 3.5.3 is on May 2nd. There are also some information that some of the bugs which has been detected by Coverty (which is payed for that by the US government) will be fixed in the next release. These bugs are most often stability and security bugs resulting in a more stable release.
The most other changes are happening in trunk, which means that they are for KDE 4 – on the one hadn this is a little bit sad since these changes are not in KDE 3.5.3, but on the other hand this means that KDE 4 is alredy in deep development, which is all we need. And, to be honest, there are several changes which wouldn’t make sense in KDE 3.5.x like Phonon, Solid or QT 4 changes 🙂

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