Phonon Homepage officially online!

When you read the dot than you alredy know it: the Phonon homepage is officially online!
Matthias’s (aka Vir) has posted a short blog note about it, but the article on the dot itself has some more information.

Although the homepage haven’t changed such small comments like

I intended to get the website ready long ago, but I am exceedingly bad at writing the necessary text… I find it so much easier to write the code for Phonon.

are very nice to read since it means that he does a lot at the moment with providing the needed stuff for phonon. I’m really curious about these new technics. Phonon is one of the topics of KDE4 where I really have the feeling that there is steadily ongoing development.
And I’m really curious about the technique of setting different volume levels to different application groups (like turn down the volume of group “music player” when there is an event in group “VoIP”, or such).

If you are interested why there is the need for Phonon and why for example gstremaer is not just integrated, check this post which explains several questions. There is also a link to an interesting discussion on vir’s blog about this general topic.

Hopefully they will some video or screenshots soon after the LinuxTag to get an idea how it will look like and how well it will behave 🙂


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