Apache is leader in SSL services

Some weeks thago e community was shocked by the Web Server Survey, April 2006: Apache dropped by almost 6 % in favour of Microsoft’s IIS. Although it was exposed that this was mainly due to one large shift of the web hoster GoDaddy (who had to explain this step in several tech-media afterwards and even donated quite a lot of money to OpenSSH) everyone had uncomfortable thought’s and feelings about this – was this the end of the long apache era? Did that mean that IIS would finally catch up in the near future instead of suffering and dying somewhen?

Well, I still can’t predict the future, but I can read news – and the newest news (nice words) from netcraft, this time about who leads the rank of SSL Servers, looks very nice. Especially if you have a closer look at the graphics in detail: Microsoft’s share is shrinking for years now, while Apache increases it’s share from year to year almost with a constant growth. And this effect is not only once or temporary, but a steadily development everywhere in the world. In fact, the survey explains that now other countries like Germany and Japan now try to catch up with the USA, and that these favour Apache more than US companies. Nice development 🙂