Search and tags in KDE4

There are some interesting posts on the planet KDE dealing with searching in KDE 4 at the moment.

First there is a note of Roberto Cappuccio about the current state of kat. The text does not unveil new information about the current state but shows a quote of Linus Torvalds dealing with the fact that you should never start with something great, but that you should always start with something you can do adn reach. And that other developers will not jump on the train when it is still waiting at the station, they will jump on it when it got some speed and looks interesting enough, which means in that case that other developers will join your project first after you have already done somehting useful.
The post closes with the invitation to join the irc channel and join the project.
I’m not entirely sure what Roberto wants to point out with this quote; it sounds a little bit like the kat-project was started as a very big attempt which never fulfilled the expectations. That can be true in the way that there didn’t happen too much in the last weeks and months, but on the other hand the old kat version, 0.6.4, was kind of usable and was shipped with Mandriva by default afaik.
Probably this will stir up a little dust around this project, probably some other’s will have a look at the current state, hopefully we will see a new version soon 🙂

The next interesting post, or better, a short discussion about, is dealing with the topic of the future, and that it is written in tags. I couldn’t agree more since almost all new applications and programs I used were using tags and similar category systems to sort and overview data – hey, I even changed my blog system for that (and other) reason (s) 🙂
The writer of the post writes about some day-problems with KDE, in this case that digikam and kimdaba do not use the same tag database, which forced him to write his own script to transfer this data. In the comments you will soon find a comment about a “Database Abstraction Layer” which will probably used in KDE4.
While his explanations (which favour kexidb as the solution) are pretty interesting and make hope that we finally get something similar in KDE4, there feels something bad with it: it sounded too much like a “KDE-only” solution, and I don’t like that.
First, I personally want to have the ability to switch between the desktops as I want – although I do not really need it at the moment the option should be there – the gap between KDE and gnome would grow much bigger through something like that, and it would force users to choose one de once, and never really use the other one again – and that’s in the times of Portland, and Tango!

Talking about gnome, there is a project already developing to tag everything everywhere – I do not really know how well it is integrated yet, but I think we will see a finally working and well integrated version in fall 2006 latest. The project is called leaftag and there is already a version working together with the taskbar search applet. That’s pretty close to what I would like to see in teh future on my desktop of my choice.
This version, by the way, is GObject based – it looks to me like that could be used in KDE 4 also as long as we get some kind of qt/KDE backend for it. I’m not a real programmer so I’m not sure about that, but one main aim about tagging should be to have it cross-desktop!

So, go to your preferred desktop solution, and tell them they should cooperate 😉

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