APT-RPM lives

Today I recognized through a Wikipedia article that the APT-RPM project is back to live with a new homepage. The changelog is very informative: they finally implemented the rpm common repository metadata which means that APT-RPM can access the same data as yum does at the moment.
That will help quite a lot of people who want to change over from the debian side of the force to the rpm side of force (I let it to your imagination which one is the dark one 😉 ).

There is also a hind that there will be real multilib support quite soon – that would be very helpful but also surprising since the debian-apt version (the “real” one) does not have mutlilib support – until now it is a feature that only yum has afaik.

Also I will not change over to apt due to certain, in this blog already mentioned reasons, I appreciate it that in the apt world there is finally some progress – there are quite a lot of advantages of yum over apt, and apt should keep an eye on catching up with yum.
And I can imagine that there are several administrators who will love this new and fresh version of APT-RPM since it makes it quite easy to transfer self written scripts from debian machines – or to write scripts which should run on RPM machines as well as on dpkg machines. The last thing which is now missing is a real yum version for debian 😀

In other news: Welcome to my first real post in my new blog, I hope you like it. The partitioning post was not done here, it was just posted here first since the blogspot publish engine has some big issues at the moment. These issues were the last straw I needed since I was already very annoyed by the fact that blogspot.com does not support any categories. WordPress, the blog engine I’m using now does, and after kOoLiNuS pointed out that wordpress can import blogspot posts and comments there was no turning back – and I doubt that I will regret it 🙂


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