rpms for Fedora Core 5

I’m still waiting for my sponsorship on Fedora Extras – only when you are sponsored you can finally submit your packages so I have to wait.
In the meantime I talked with some people in the fedora extras channel and they gave me the advice to submit more packages to show that I understood what’s going on. So I submitted a second one, rsibreak. When that is approved also I will possibly submit the next one, but let’s wait until the discussion around rsibreak has finished.

Actually there are quite a lot of interesting applications outside which would fit perfectly in my desktop – and since I do know a little bit about packaging I try to submit them to Fedora Core as maintained by me. As long as it does not take to much time that makes sense from my point of view 🙂
One of them, btw., is kflickr mt to which kOoLiNuS pointed me with a blog entry. This application is a fork of kflickr but provides additional possibilities like uploading as set, uploda with licenses, upload with different tags and so on.
The last thing which is missing now is the ability of reading the tags from digikam for example. I have uploaded my entire photo database, but I still haven’t tagged the flickr photos like I did it in digikam (with person-name tags, for example).
But when this ability is there once I will re-upload all the photos – which is no problem because I normally barely use the 2 GB upload capacity of flickr.

And if you now got interested at least in kflickr mt I built a rpm package for Fedora Core 5 of it – give it a try, and report problems.
But be careful: old kflickr-config files could be a source for problems, delete them if you have problems getting a valid token for uploading files. 🙂


4 thoughts on “rpms for Fedora Core 5”

  1. Hi liquidat

    Your blog seems to be a nice place to know about some development in KDE and soon. The plan to support tags is very much there, I am sure it will be done in a 2 weeks at max. (currently I am busy with some other stuff)

  2. Thanks for the flowers, but keep in mind that I do not much more than reading all the blogs, I’m no developer.

    About the tags: if you hear something new, drop me a message, I am always very interested 🙂


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