Packaging for Fedora Core

Since Fedora Core decided to turn into a kind of community project I wanted to take part in and wanted to provide rpms. I collected some experiences with packaging while providing and or two packages for other applications and also submitted some specs to kde-redhat (which is soon to be called kdeforge afaik).

I decided that I have to start somewhen and when I recently realized that there is noone who provides fc5 ktorrent pacakges I decided to do it by myself – and I decided to submit them to the official repository. Well, here is the bug report. Although there is still a lot to learn for me it is going quite well, and I hope that the package will be accepted soon.
The next step will be another easy by often (by me) used application, gstm.

For these people who are interested in such stuff there is a lot of useful information hidden in the fedoraproject wiki – unfortunately it is really well hidden since some parts of it are not official yet.

First the official Hotwo become a contributor to get the idea and the basics of the (political) principles around the Fedora Extra repository. The next step is the technical guideline for packaging packages – there you will find mainly technical information why what should be how in official rpm packages of Fedora Extras.

But the real interesting stuff is as I said well hidden: the BuildingPackagesGuide is a step-by-step guide for packaging and shows everything while going through two examples – that is what I call really helpfull as long as you are not a packager with some years of experience 🙂

Other usefull sources are, btw., the ScripletSnippets page which gives you a lot of code snippets you will definitely need and use in your own packages. Another page which will become useful is RpmlintErrors from Mandriva – it lists some common rpmlint errors which can occur while packaging rpms.

So far, the first steps had been made – the next will definitely follow 🙂


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