Digikam 0.9 beta 1

I have the feeling that the public does not get enough information about digikam – one example is that even I, who really loves digikam, completly missed that digikam svn now features a full 16 bit support in all plugins! Repeat: 16 bit support in all plugins. Gimp does not even have a timeline until when it will get 16 bit support!

And, almost unnoticed, the digikam development keeps going, and heads towards version 0.9 – and this version will come, again together with a set of new plugins, functions and reworked things.

For example there are a lot of digikamimageplugins which has been reworked and now show a kind of live-preview directly next to the original. For that the screen will be split (in a way the user wants, of course) and shows one half original and one half the new version.
Or the stand alone viewer showfoto which is updated also: it now features, as all parts of digikam, 16 bit and can edit fotos like the digikam imageeditor. I just hope that showfoto will still be fast enough to just show pictures 😉

And, ha, talking about the imageeditor: that one was awesome already, but they have now reworked some bits and parts, and you now have this splitted view in even more tools – just have a look at the imageeditor screenshots. And – do I have to mention that the most screenshots are dealing with RAW or DNG pictures? Or that it can show ICC profiles?

And not to forget the update of the main window: there is now a new function which allows you to view the additional metadata. And together with an embedded konqueror digikam in now able to ad global positioning information to your photos.

And yes: there are a lot of new functions I haven’t mentioned, and it is still just beta 1 – so there will probably more polishing, but it is already ready to test it.

If any of the digikam people reads this: you guys really rock, digikam is awesome.

Ha, and if anyone of the google-people reads this: why the hell are you trying to use your photo tool picasa first to test the linux acceptance of your apps? That’s just dumb! Why should I use picasa if I can access fully integrated apps like f-spot or digikam? And picasa has to face quite a lot of functions which are included in digika and f-spot, and it has to face the competition between these two!

So, please: drop picasa-Linux-support, and try it with google earth! There you will really see how the Linux acceptcance of your apps is, and you will probably have the opportunity to get real data about the spread of Linux desktops (just add a OS-string in the communication between the program and the servers) which can be useful also. And there are people outside who really wants to have google earth for Linux. I never heard this about picasa…

I hope digikam 0.9 will be included in Fedora Core as soon as it is released 🙂


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