KDE 4 interactive Konqueror mockup

I must admit that I’m a very visual type of human beeing – I’m easily impressed by nice looking eye candy and cool mockups (although after a certain time I deacitvate the most eye candy which is not useful to make the system faster and more functional where possible – for example I still do not use any graphical tool for installin software although there are a lot of tools for this for Fedora in these days).

So, to come back to topic, when I make one of my usual look-arounds in the KDE 4 brainstorm section of kde-look.org I normally focurs on the pictures and not on the descriptions which is quite sad in a way. But to defense I have to say that the most posted and described Ideas are not so unbelievable new.
Nevertheless, that I sometimes miss the main important thing of a posting came clear today when I had a second look at one of the most reused mockups from ibc: Konqueror for a new experience. There are a lot of tips to have a look at the link, but I never clicked on it – until today.

The click brought me to this interactive demo which is impressive! Additionally you can have a look at the descriptions linked in this page which are detailed but clear and quite nice!

And I must say, although his mockup looks a little bit overcrowded, when I you check ou the interactive version you will see that it only overcrowds when you actually want it to do so – the right and left metabar can be hided very nice and easy. Even the menu can be hided or fixed to the window there! Play with the version on the net, it is definitely worth a look. The same is true for the additional documentation.
I just hope that some people dealing with KDE4 will take this as a example which they follow.

And for ibc: keep going your impressive work 🙂


2 thoughts on “KDE 4 interactive Konqueror mockup”

  1. I have been around a few browsers since the first Netscape. This is the best browser concept by far that I have I have seen to date. The mock up only allows about a couple of levels of drill down, but I assume the real browser will have a few more drill down levels.

  2. Yes, it looks pretty neat – but keep in mind that this is not an official mockup than rather an idea of a user – if and how much of it will find it’s way into KDE 4 depends on how many time the developers will have to implement it, and how many people will tell if it is worth it – if you have time drop a note at kde-looks and additionally vote for it.
    Also keep in mind that I’m not the author, I just document how creative others can be 🙂


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