Phonon is evolving

Today I read that Phonon is getting into kdelibs/trunk. That means that Phonon is ready to test – and, there is the note that you can now start backends against it if you wish. That’s very nice to hear because it means that first Phonon is evloving and developing and it means that it has already reached a state where you can actually see what it will be in future.

In this case you can see for example that Phonon will group all sound applications into categories – like “Music”, “Video”, “Notification” and “Communication”. That makes pretty much sense because these different categories need different behaviour: if a Communication app suddenly starts working, like an incomming call, all the other apps should mute or fade away – that’s different for notifications which only have to make sure that they are noticed – or are muted when you turn up volume above level xyz or watching a DVD with friends.

I must admit that I’m pretty much impressed by everything which is happening around Phonon. Together with what NNM wants to become the multimedia backend of KDE 4 will probably really rock – and would be worth all the discussions why gstreamer is not integrated directly but has to get a layer (which would have been the case anyway :D).

In related news, I still worry how Tenor, the search framework, will evolve. I haven’t seen anything new there except a note that there will be a version 0.7 soon. I would love to test around with that, would love to see direct KDE integration, but I have to admit that at the moment it looks like a pretty good idea to have someone who implements Tenor independent from the search machine itself to still have the possibility to use something like beagle :-/
But hopefully I just don’t here anything new because everyone around Tenor is busy developing cool features 😀

I just hope that I don’t have to wait too long for KDE 4 🙂


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