Fedora Core 5

Yes, finally it’s there, and I installed it on monday – it runs quite nice here, although there are still no kde-redhat packages so that I miss some functionality now, like amarok-arts playing (because gstreamer semas to not like my soundsystem or something, it stumbels several times at each song :-/).

The installation itself (root formatted, /home and /media/local untouched, so still with xfs) went without any problems, but some weired paket configurations turned out after the installation:
The gnupg2 and gpgme packages were missing, and I don’t know why (I made a gnome and KDE full installation). But, nevertheless, after I figured that out all my cryptographic stuff works now.

And obviously I’m waiting for the kernel update to get my 3D graphics running, that would help a lot – I must say that I would like to test around with AIGLX, especially because KDE already comes with a composition manager, and I’m very curious if this combination could work 🙂
The same is true for Xgl: I would very much enjoy testing around with Xgl on this laptop just to impress other people 😉 But until now I haven’t seen any Fedora Core 5 packages for Xgl – but I’m almost certain that they will turn up somewhen somewhere.

Other good news about this release: I’m finally able to put my network card into monitor mode which gives me the ability to sniff around if I want to get into wireless networks. And, talking about wireless networks, the NetworkManager works now out of the box, and even the applet has a transparent background and fits perfect into the KDE taskbar. Nice job, guys! The only thing missing is now a wireless network to test around with 🙂
Talking about gnome-apps: beagle is also running at the moment, and seems to do everything like it should do; ok, it takes a lot of time to index all my stuff, but I don’t want to force it to go into high-speed mode because that would take to much power and slow down my system to much at the moment…

Other things about this release are also promising: the new installation tool, pirut, works nice, although there is still space for improvements. Pup, the update program, is also working nice, but I miss the functionality of a kind of update applet which would check for updates and would call pup automatically – I gues that’s something for the next release, unfortunately (ok, to be honest, I am to much a bash user, so I never use guis for things like that :-D).

Btw.: I use livna, and it turned out that livna changed the strategy to provide kernel modules: if yum likes the new way (basically using the kernel number as package version number) there will be an automatically update each time a new module is out – that’s different to they way it was handled before where you had to install each new kernelmodule new after a kernel update.

Talking about external repositories: I’m looking forward what rpmforge is doing, although I’m afraid that they will try to replace fedora extras packges again (I think that’s completly dumb due to several reasons, one of them id double effort for nothing). In my dream world every 3rd party packager would be sane enough to not repackage packages which are already provided by a reliable repository – so I would like to see freshrpms merging with livna, or at least not doubling the effort of providing packages. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that at the moment :-/
And no, I will not change away from livna because they are doing a great job providing the graphic drivers and other kernel modules (and, they are more or less coordinated with extras).

So far it is a promising release, except for the kernel gpl problem 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fedora Core 5”

  1. Hey, good that you pointed out: Unvortunately I was still subscribed to you old blog although I thought I have changed it – I was wonderin why you are not writing anymore 😉

    I will have a look at the things you mentioned 🙂

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