Since we have Kororaa now it is quite easy to take Xgl-Screenshots – the only thing you have to cfigure out by yourself is how to make a delay to take your screen shot. Well, guess why you see gimp on almost all Xgl-Screenshots 😉

What I miss in such situations is that no one seems to care about that it is very, very useful to add such screenshots to the wikipedia. It helps the wikipedia, it helps the topic, and it shows, that free software and free knowledge fits together almost perfect. 🙂

So I stepped forward and took some screenshots – they are not the best around, but they show at least some possibilities. One thing, btw., was difficult: which movie could I show without getting problems with copyrights. A quick search after creative commons movies brought me to an archive of public domain videos, and I took an old one to let it round in the background.
I now must admit that it could have been better probably to use a more colourful movie, but now it’s to late 🙂

So, here are they:

The often seen cube:


The same, but with a video on the edge:


The same video, running transparent on top of a wikipedia page:


The minimization: all windows are going to the side and zoom continously:


The last one, the very amazing preview while you toggle through your open windows:


Well, it is amazing – and I can’t wait until it is released in a form that I can use it on my Fedora Core/KDE. 😀


3 thoughts on “Xgl-Screenshots”

  1. You can also take screenshots from the command line without using gimp with this command:
    gnome-panel-screenshot –delay=SECONDS
    if you want to take the screenshot within 5 seconds you type:
    gnome-panel-screenshot –delay=5
    More help with:
    gnome-panel-screenshot –help-gnome-screenshot
    It will save the pict on your desktop in PNG format (which its huge, but you can change the format in gimp if u want hehe)
    Just my $0.02

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