Xgl and KDE

Today we saw the announcement of the Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, which is the successor of the Novell Linux Desktop 9. It is full of all the nice, accelerated Xgl stuff, comes along with an integrated search, and shows the result of all the usability tests Novell has made. The preview is here.

Whenever you see somthing like that, it’s always Gnome – but that’s maybe just because it is presented by Nad Friedman (who is strongly Gnome)! A anonymous commentator thankfully pointed out that there is a compiz-kde version, and today a posting on kdedevelopers.org made it clear that all these shiny new effects will be available for KDE also – and that’s great news! Because it means that the source code is out there somewhere, and it means that it can be integrated into KDE easily (hopefully).
And I hope there will be someone who integrates that into some nice Fedora Core 5 packages 😉
That would make it easy for me to have something to paly around with, and to impress my friends with without restarting into Gnome 😀

Ok, for that I still have to test if Xgl would like all my superkaramba appletts, my transparent kicker and my different wallpapers for each desktop. Btw.: what happens to Xgl if you fire it up with more or less than four virtuell desktops? It would be very cool to get an Icosahedron with XGL 😀

The mentioned KDE post also says something about the other features KDE will get, and that sounds promissing again: there will be kpowersave and an knetworkmanager included. That’s very nice, because especially the second thing is very important for me as I have a laptop with WLan…
The things I’m not sure about yet are if the knetworkmanager will build properly on Fedora Core, and if it will support WPA/WPA2. In this blog there is mentioned that it supports VPN properly now, but there is no word about WPA support – hopefully they are to busy implementing and don’t have time to write about it 😉

All after all the last days were pretty interesting in case of the Linux desktop – again. It really looks like the Linux desktop is gettng speed now. Ah, btw.: don’t talk about the “Linux Desktop Year”, it will never happen :-).

Btw., talking about the desktop, there is also the server: samba4WINS is released and gives everyone the abilitsy to change from MS Windows servers to Linux/Samba based directory servers. What does that mean? That the Microsoft version of a LDAP directory server can finally be replaced with a Linux machine without switching the whole directory system.

Nice step – together with the Fedora Directory server there are now two fully and complete fre directory servers for mixed environments. I hope that Fedora Directory Server will also speed up its development to get better connected to samba file- and printservers.

Yes, the actual development of the whole Free Software scene is accelerating – I just hope that there will be no bigger impact of patent attacks or proprietary driver/file format problems in the near future… but even then, the Free Software community already survived a almost complete monopoly of a criminal company, what can be worse? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Xgl and KDE”

  1. Sure, I have, just check two postings ago were I reported about the live cd 😀
    But the live cd is build on gnome, and I wonder how all these effects are working with KDE – or better: I wonder how compiz will integrate with KDE…

    But thanks for the comment anyway 🙂


  2. It,s working with kde with no problem excepet : Superkaramba now appears above all windows.

  3. superkaramba works fine now:

    Fix this by editing the karamba.cpp file in the src directory after you extract the source. Look for the line that reads:

    KWin::setType(winId(), NET::Dock);

    and comment it out by adding two slashes in front of the line, like this:

    // KWin::setType(winId(), NET::Dock);

    That’s it. Go ahead with your compile and all is well.

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