Yes, it eventually happened: a team build a XGL-Live CD with all proprietary drivers included – download, burn, and restart, and you will be able to test all the nice effects seen so often in so many demonstration videos.
The Live-CD is based on Kororaa, a Gentoo based distribution. The desktop environment is Gnome.

OSNews.com had the first artcile about it, and the link to the project page is here. If you have a careful look at the comments of the osnews-article you will also find a torrent-download-link – happy downloading 🙂
Btw., I do not really get why the Kororaa people do not provide a torrent tracker – their download server went down some hours the announcement on osnews, and it would have been enough to provide a torrent link only… But probably they haven’t thought about it, or haven’t expected that everyone was searching for something like that 🙂

And it really rocks. I played with it several minutes, and did all the fency stuff all the demos showed on different situations: rotating cubes, transparent videos, wobbling menues and windows, minimizing effects, automativ sorting+zooming or special searching for open windows by hitting alt+tab – everything was there! It is really exciting to see the Linux desktop getting such a power – and it was pretty stable, too, btw.
Ok, I wasn’t able to test something like a 3D game in full movie mode with changing resolution, but besides that, for the daily work, it was pretty smooth. And it was also a lot of fun 😀

I must admit that I will install a complete Gnome verison on this computer when I set it up new for Fedora Core 5 – it is tempting to start Gnome just to show around the 3D-desktop-power of Linux. The best way would be if someone would manage to put all this stuff in the KDE window manager – that would really rock, because I do not really like the feel of gnome (it’s not bad, but it’s just not my world).

So far from here, try it, and show it your friends – they have to know that there is powerfull open source software out there 😀

EDIT: Thanks to a comment to this post, I became aware of KDE-compiz, which tries to port all the GLX compiz stuff to KDE to give the KDE people the same feeling like the Gnome people can have at the moment. Zack Rusin has set up this one, and you will find a lot information on different Kubuntu forums.
From this point of view I just hope that I will see a repository for FC5 soon which includes the XGL server and some KDE packages to play with it 🙂


3 thoughts on “XGL-Live CD”

  1. The work to bring compiz to KDE seems to be on the way. Compiz has been split into compiz-gnome and compiz-kde. You can google for it.

  2. Thank you very much for this comment, I wasn’t aware of this. I will correct the post according to what I’ve found on the net.


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