Fosdem, NetworkManager and SIP

There was again a very important Linux conference where I had no time – FOSDEM 2006. But this time the voluntary workers did a very nice job and recorded some talks. So all people who would like to know how such talks are or who just want to check some talks to specific topics, look at this page.
Torrents are available, and you can watch all movies in Ogg Theora – a very nice thing. Slowly but steadyly theora spreads around the world. I just hope that the Teora people will release a final version soon – that would be a very important psychological step for others who think about supporting theora in their devices…

Talking about Theora, one of the german broadcast services is switching from real media to theora – that means that there are the first public movements in this direction, too. So the only thing which is still missing is a portable movie player with Theora support for me now 😉

In other news I just read that the NetworkManager is released in a new version with complete WAP and WAP2 support – the dream of easy networking in every case with Linux finally comes true 🙂
Btw., the list of new things is pretty long: wpa_supplicant support, ISDN support, improved dial up support, etc. The only thing missing now is a well implemented KDE version to handle this nice tool in KDE also. But if the gnome applet is programmed nice it would be ok for now.

Something which is still annoying me with my computer is the terrible soundcard – it has no hardware mixing for example, so I have to use dmix from Alsa. Well, that works pretty nice, but with one exception: the OSS support does not work while I access the card with other programs. Tha means for me that I can listen to amarok OR to run skype, but not both.
That’s pretty annoying, so I searched around. SIP should work here, but kphone never worked here, so I gave up some weeks ago.
Now I tried ekiga, and was surprised how easy and well it works together with the rest of the system.
Ok, the applet is ugly and greish, no fake transparency, but I can live with that because KDE can hide several system tray icons – I use it for the ugly gnome ones (stardict and ekiga, probably networkmanager soon) 😉

So know I can throw skype away when I want to call other people, and can use ekiga – without changing everything in my system. I really hope that we will see a fully implemented sip programm in KDE 4. Kopete with SIP and jabber/jingle support would be awesome! 🙂


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