SCALE update; Mindawn


I’ve never been at Scale, but I found the list of speakers so interesting that I kept a close look at papers or media published or presented during the conference. Nothing happened so far, except two papers I think, and was the first source with a real good overview.
But thanks to ref I had a second look at the speakers list, and there are now files linked on several speaker pages.
So if you are interested, click on the interesting name, the chance is quite high that you will find something there.

The most papers are worth a look, although nothing tooo surprising.


Something completly different: today I read news about the new Mandriva Live CD and that the music only service Mindawn is bundled with it. Although it looks to me that this music service is pretty old I never heard of it before – or at least I never heard enough to still remmebr 😉
I think it is a very nice idea to provide music over such channels, and in good quality – I still haven’t seen any german offer around with high quality music, and certainly not any offer with patent free formats which are working on all operating systems (like ogg).

So we can only hope that they will gain more and more users, and that they will get more and more good artists until all the old fashioned music industry learns – or dies, what I, to be honest, expect, because they never learned fast enough in the last 20 years 😀


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