KDE 4 – mockup show number 3

Although the KDE 4 user mockups are now placed at a central easy reachable place in a special section at kde-look.org, I want to comment on some of them.

But first the usual stuff: these are just mockups – nothing of this stuff is released by anyone of the core KDE team, so there is no chance to get any official opinion about whether this will find its way into KDE or not.
And: nothing of this is done be me, if you have question, I’ve tried to make the links as obvious as possible. By the way, you can rate there if you like it.

The reason for this is one of the last ones which is pretty amazing: Clickable slashes in URL bar for the file manager are one of the best ideas I seen in the last few weeks, and I’ve never seen something comparable before. I would very much appreciate it if this would find it’s way into KDE 4 because it would be a big improvement for the power users. Here is a explanationing screenshot from the kde-look.org site:
Clickable Slashes

I’m a little bit concerned if new users would understand it, if they would get and use it, but I just hope so – and we can not make the whole directory name clickable, that would dispel power users like me who need to edit this line quite often.

Another thing is a more detailed description of one of the already often mentioned applets: it deals with the question who the KDE system should handle external audio events while playing other audio sources – for example if you click on a link somewhere in the internet and an audio file starts playing while you are listening music from amarok. The explanation given at the description page is more detailed and worth a look:
audio applet

Looking at one of the aims that the integration of personal information management into KDE should be much better the idea of integrating a new “contacts” protocol jumped to the mind of someone – a nice idea and a step to more integration if its used in the right way. Btw., I would like to see the same for e-mails though to just go through them as through files – because for the most people the difference between documents on the one hand and e-mails on the other is not there! But, this idea is not posted yet, so here is “just” the contacts mockup:
contacts protocol mockup

Speaking about organisation I like the idea that while you are copying a file from somewhere to somewhere that should be marked somehow. The idea someone had is in this case to add a small status bar to the file description to show that it is not completed:
copy mockup

These ideas can be added together, so that youc an see if your e-mail has been sent yet or if the document has been printed already:
combination of some ideas

At gnome they are thinking about changing everything a little also, and so someone pointed to some gnome mockups which introduce a new sorting of icons and menu entries. I like the idea to get rid of the stupid spreadsheet like sorting of menus and icons, so I liked the idea:
Gnome mockups

Other ideas around KDE 4 are more dealing with the matter of finding applications in the menu – you have to remember: if you install a normal distribution in these days you will get a lot of programs – even if you have a “downsized” distribution which gives you only one app for each task, you still have a lot of apps – and it is different for several users to get through this. One idea is to work with some kind of tag system in the menu itself:
tag sorting of kmenu

This could also look like that:
another sorting mockup

But, hey – we want AIGLX or XGL – doesn’t matter which one as long as it is fast and gives us cool eyecandy 😉 Here are two ideas which are not entirelly new but the mockups are nice, and I would really love to see something like that on my new desktop. Both are for getting an overview over the minimized applications:
one big window and several transparent small ones
rotating circle of windows

One of the last ones is nothing sooo special – but nevertheless one of my big favourites: queuable copy/move/download tasks. It’s like having kget for everything and telling kget how many tasks it is allowed to run at the same time, in the bast case depending on moving files with network or on hard disk or from hard disk to external disk – I often have to copy folders with something like 75 MB between my partitions, and if I do that, I have to move different folders to different directories, so I start mostly 5 move tasks at the same time – which is stupid and slows down the system. This is the way to get rid of it:
queuable kget mokcup

I just hope that the KDE 4 developer team will be able to get some of this stuff into KDE 4 – I hope that KDE 4 will not be rated as a vaporware somewhere because of too high and never fulfillable expectations…

So, again: these are all (!) mockups – nothing else. Slashdot already did the worst and placed some of such mockups in a article where it looked like that these were real screenshots – please, remember, the only real KDE 4 screenshots which are around yet are these and these are pretty boring because KDE 4 is not even in alpha phase – they are before that stage!

So, get this in your head – and enjoy the mockups 😀

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