I did it!

Yes – I did it!
Although I needed a lot of help and although the basic idea for the main line for the patch came from JohnFlux, and although njaard had to push me in the right direction with a compile error I had, I finally figured out what was wrong, corrected it, implemented it, tested it, corrected some stuff again, tested it against some silly filenames, and submitted finally the patch:

Bug 105351 will be closed soon!

I already spoke with aseigo about it on irc, and he mentioned that the chance is quite high that we will see it in the next stable release of KDE, KDE 3.5.2.


Yes, I am very excited 😉
I know, it is only a line, normally no one would even bother with mentioning, but it is a gigantic step for me because I now know that I am able to contribute a little bit – I have to find small things which I can solve, yes, but I am able to find these, and than I can help – and several small steps (small from KDE-point of view) make a bigger step, and when I have enough training in making small ones I can try to make a little bigger ones 🙂

So this bugfix is a small step for KDE, but a big step for me 😉

And now it is much later than I expected, and I have to get up tomorrow morning because I will have to meet some other people quite early… but that was totally worth it 😉

Let’s see if aseigo modifies the patch a little bit due to coding or naming schemes, if yes than I will analyze it and see if I can learn a little bit more about this stuff 🙂


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