KDE 4, a talk and code digging

Newsforge features an interesting article about KDE 4. It is worth a read, and shows some of the main aims of KDE 4: better integration of all applications related to personal information management, a more attractive plattform for other developers and a better hardware support through solid.

Besides that Jono Bacon has published a flash movie of his presentation he has given on SCALE. It’s called “Building the Next Generation Linux Desktop” and is worth a look. Nothing very, very new, but nice to hear if you have some minutes free and want to fill them with someone talking a bit about the tasks for the future of Linux desktop development.

And some stuff happened around my bug report for the wallpaper error: driven by the problem that I wasn’t able to fix this bug completly (I’m still not, don’t be too excited) I loged in to the irc channel #kde-devel, and asked for some help – not to much, but enough to improve the situation.
Fortunately JohnFlux found the time to look into the code, and helped me a bit with it – he explained me the one or the other bit, and gave me a suggestion how to solve the problem. Sure, the suggestion was something I would never have been able to give, and the solution I had in my had was a little bit…odd compared to that, but one reason for that was that he picked a solution with a already predefined function which I didn’t knew.
But there is alwasy a dark side: I wanted to test this patch before I post it into the bug report, but kdelibs wasn’t able to compile because of missing arts, and arts didn’t wan to compile – I will try it again when I have a little bit more patience, and try if the patch could solve the problem. And I will definitely post everything here 🙂


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