Building kdelibs from svn

To add something to my last post: the problem of building kdeblibs from svn was that kdelibs in kde 3.5 still depends on arts, and my tries to build arts before kdelibs failed. So I figured out how to build sub-parts of the big KDE packages, just to realize that a simple –without-arts works also.

But nevertheless, here a short explanation what you have to do to compile subsets of KDE. I use arts as an example and install everything into $HOME/kde, to not screw up my normal KDE installation. Another example can be found here.

$ svn co -N svn://
$ cd kdemultimedia
$ svn up arts
$ svn co svn://
$ make -f Makefile.cvs
$ ./configure –prefix=$HOME/kde
$ make
$ make install

Note that make install must not be root to led your standard kde installation untouched. Note that you also should do this with an extra user – KDE/Linux gives you the opportunity to work with several users without even noticing, so use it!

Nevertheless, this documentation is almost obsolete because KDE 4 will be compiled with other build tools, and there you will not have a dependency of kdelibs on arts or something.
Fortunately some wise guys somewhere at KDE decided not to fix KDE to any multimedia subsystem but to develop just a thin layer (see also this post). Since the at-the-moment-probably-default-backend gsteramer would need such a layer anyway it makes sense to develop this layer flexibel to make sure that KDE is not kept in the grip of a specific multimedia backend a second time 🙂

Something completly else: sometimes you meet new people who are also in Linux, and work a little bit together with them – and then do a small thing which is just normal for them, but you have never seen before. This happened to me some days ago when someone introduced me to ctrl+r in a bash terminal – I’ve never seen this before, but it is highly usefull! It’s one of these tiny, little things you never get introduced to until it happens by accident – or until you read a really big book about it 😉


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