A visit, an evolution and a 3.0

Today a guy came over to visit me and to chat a little bit – he is new in town, an exchange student like I am here, and I shared some experiences and got some stories about south east asia back 🙂
The technical interesting part began when I wanted to give him a taste how my home town where I normally study looks like: I showed him some pictures from the realted Wikipedia article, and it turned out that he never heared of Wikipedia before – that’s surprising because he is after all a nature science student who seems to use the internet a lot. Ok, it turned out that he never heard of Linux also, but that’s not surprising.
But that Wikipedia was unknown to him shocked me a little – Wikipedia is the biggest and easiest example for “Free as in free speech”. No other project is so well known even to non-techies. Well, I hope he will have a second look at it…

Besides that I found two interesting articles today. The first one is about the evolution of Fedora Core, my preferred Linux distribution. It’s nothing special, but nice to read, gives a good overview, and reminded me of what I was feeling/doing, when I was at one of the stages of Fedora Core.

The other article is linked in this evolution page: it is a link to thoughts about Gnome 3.0.
I asked myself some times if the gnome folks will have a brake like KDE, or if they are going to have incompatibilities between gnome 2.x and 2.(x+2) – and I always wanted to know what their long term vision is. Well, here is a first draft.
It is not suprising that the long term vision is similar to the visions of other desktops: full integration of personal information management, better management of documents and objects, more shine multimedia integration.
Beyond that some aims remind me of some KDE 4 aims, which is again not surprisingly because both are Open Source desktops, both are similar in a way, and both have similar problems. One of them is real multimedia integration, another one is developing to a plattform instead of a set of chosen software. And both plan to bring the desktop experience to Windows. It is a brave step to attack the dictator in his own palace…

It is nice to see that the gnome folks are developing their ideas and visions also – that can only help KDE 4 through comparing, rechecking, working together at same aims, and evolving in a friendly competition.

Keep on the good work 🙂


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