I seldom play computer games – mostly because there is no World of Warcraft Client for Linux (which is quite good because I need the next half year to prepare myself for the diploma examines), but some days ago I stumbled over three games which I want to mention short.

First of all, Nexuiz. It is Quake-engine based, and released it’s version 1.5 some days ago – it is very nice, very fast, and free. Give it a try if you want, it is worth it. Some free 3d power for Linux 🙂

The next game is a Super Mario Clon which seems to be quite complete – I haven’t tried it yet but there seems to be a living development group around it, so give it a try if you like jump and run.

And the last one: it is my favourite! I alway liked to play “Worms”, and well, here is it: a very well made “Worms” clone: Wormux. You should try the last beta, but that one is really worth a look! You can play with several teams, you have a lot of waepons, it just rocks.

The only thing which is really missing: these games are not included into current distributions. We need more game packagers there! I mean, sure, we always have the gnome and the kde packages, most distributions also package freeciv – but just think about the option to ship a distribution not only with the usual stuff, but also with a nice 3D ego shooter, a couple of the nicest jump’n’run games, a worms and a lemmings clone and freeciv – only the strategic games section is still a little bit under-representeted, freeciv is nice, but there something like Warcraft, Command and Conqueor or similar is still missing…

But even with some genres missing, a standard Linux distribution comming along with a lot of cool games would be much, much better than every Windows installation can be 🙂


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