One step deeper in KDE

Although I have to get up quite early tomorrow and will have a very busy day, I worked a lot on KDE related things today – and they brought me probably one step deeper in KDE related stuff. Probably, because I’m not sure if it really was helpful.

The first thing is an old bug report: the quite nice Kgethotnewstuff, which can automatically download new stuff for you (like wallpapers, etc.) has an error dealing with wallpapers: when it downloads wallpapers, the file ending vanishes and is replaced with the string “–0”. The bug report is quite old, but no one had the time to look at it because the problem is not so bad: most files can beidentified by header, so the only thing you get out of this bug is a strange filename – except for svg files: these need the ending, this is used to identify them – with the strange ending you are not able to use svg files as backgrounds anymore.

After I now refreshed my poor c++ basics at work I tried to look at the source code, and spent some hours looking around and checking, and finally found something suspicious which might be responsible for the broken filename – might be. I don’t know if I’m right, but if… 🙂

The other thing is that I finally made a mockup and a brief description about tagging in KDE 4 – I really hope that Tenor will come up in time and like promised, and that it will be able to show you not only the data but also some relations and how important the data is. But to support that I would propose to use by-hand tags whereever it is possible. So, if you have time, check my proposal, criticize it, and rate it. But, as I now see, the mockup itself is a little bit strange – don’t be deviated by it to much, read the text, that’s the important part. 🙂

So, all over all: these are two things which I never did before – if they both work out well, than I am a little bit deeper in KDE, and will probably spend more time fixing simple bugs and making stupid mockups – and if not, nothing will change, and at least I can say taht I’ve tried it 😉


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