Games and an awesome konqueror

Today I stumbled over a website dedicated to Linux games: Although there are a lot of similar pages on the web, this site has a quite living news sections which seems to get sometimes several news a day – while going through different news I found several worms clones I never heard of before, and which I will definitely give a try within the next days 🙂

As usual in these days, they have a rss news feed, and since I use akregator and not newsticker, I jsut take with me every news feed which seems to make sense – like this one 😉

Besides that I saw something at KDE4 Brainstorm: a question for drag and drop for the tab system of konqueror.
Well, I thought, that we have this already, in a way: you can drag and drop tabs with the left mouse key when you hold the button without releasing. The only diadvantage is that this only duplicate tabs, the advantage is that this even works between different konqueror instances.
But then someone meant that you can reoder the tabs without duplicating (means: refreshing) them – that was new to me, and I was very surprised when I determined that he was right: when you drag and drop with the middle mouse button instead of the left, than you can reorder the tabs – without refreshing them. That’s awesome!
Ok, this does not work between two different konqueror sessions, but that will come later, as far as I know the KDE guys.

They are really awesome, and I’m really looking forward to KDE 4 😉


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