Weired day today – slashdot posted an article about KDE4 screenshots which was just a collection of some mockups – hey, they weren’t even the first 😉

That’s disappointing that they sold it as real screenshots because that means that no one there really took care of what he was publishing. Now the question comes up if that was just an exception, or if this is the rule. I think I have to be more careful with slashdot stories for the next few days to get an idea how trustful they are…

Besindes that rumor tells that Google is moving Picasa to Linux – it’s nice that they try to publish some of their apps for Linux, but why starting with Picasa? I mean, sure, Picasa is a nice tool, but it has hot competitors (think of digikam and F-spot) which are well integrated into the desktop environments, which are directly shipped, and where Google cannot win much.

The first step of Google with an official tool on the Linux desktop will be noticed, but that’s it. They should port something like google earth – there would be a huge response by the community!
Mac OS gets Google Earth, and Linux gets Picasa? Thanks a lot, Google, that’s just dumb.

But anyway, away from Google, forward to Mark Suttleworth: he wrote an interesting blog note about his experiences with Open Source software development and how to form and pay developer groups. It is even more interesting if you pull it together with what Dan Winship wrote about the development of XGL behind closed doors at Novell.

Interesting times at the moment, finally we are in a stage where everyone starts thinking what the best way is to develop Open Source software – no one asks anymore if Open Source is the right way, so Open Source gets accepted 🙂


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