KDE’s Technical Working Group

KDE now has a Technical Working Group, which is formed to help developers and the KDE project overall. The announcement is here, the Charter is here.

I got a little bit worried about reading that so many people are in there who are employed by Novell or Trolltech – although I really like the work Trolltech does, and even Novell seems to still like KDE enough to employ some KDE developers, I don’t like the thought that KDE is driven by specific companies.

Yes, KDE should get a lot of support, as I mentioned earlier, but they shouldn’t be driven int he way that a company could do everything they would.
But I think the KDE twg is far away from such a scenario: the people are elected in a foundation where almost everyone can take part, and at least the people working for Trolltech are very free with the time they have and with the tasks they have to do for KDE.
And: everyone has to live somehow, and we are still in a world where you need money for that 😉

I hope that the twg will really help and will help in keeping an eye on releasing KDE 4. KDE 4 will be very new, and every project tries to implement something very new at the moment. That’s exactly what I will, want and like, but someone must be there to keep an eye to keep everything together. There is a chance that everyone will try to develop to much without focussing on the aim of reaching KDE 4 – that could end up in a state where KDE 4 is delayed and delayed forevery (like some other projects in the open source world).
To prevent this the twg is a good institution – and the idea to reelect them in 6 months is nice also.

I hope that all will help the KDE 4 developing process – and now I will run my compiler against KDE 4 again 😉


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