New pages everywhere ;-)

While I posted the link to the plasma wiki yesterday I wasn’t aware that they had a complete wiki rebuild going on this night. It is completly rebuild with the help of mediawiki, more information can be found here.

They still have some issues with the engine so far, but I’m pretty sure they will fix them quite soon. Until then have a look at the press notes about KDE 4, if you’ve already read all of them, or if there others which you have read, but which are not listed there: in this case, add them, or post them here as a comment, and I will add them. I will probably start to add all german news I’ve read about plasma, so you should add news in your language, too, to keep the balance between the languages 😀

One of the contentes which I really like are the information in the help section. There you will find info about how to build KDE 4, and what to do if you have compile problems. There is a fix for compile problems on Fedora Core 4, for example, and I really hope that this fix will solve my problems I have since I try to build KDE 4 (I’ve had the problems both with kdesvn-buid script and with building by hand).

If you have a closer look at the plasma wiki, you will find a link to the new solid wiki – it is also just at the beginning stage, but it is a nice plattform to develop ideas on the one hand, and to communicate these ideas on the other hand.

I hope that they will fresh up the other wikis around the appeal project now, too (oxygen, appeal, tenor). It would make sense to have a common design and a central place where to start if you want to get in contact with these technologies.

We will see what the future brings 🙂


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