KDE4: Mockup sources

While the KDE project launched it’s Version 3.5.1 some days ago, the development for KDE 4 is going on. I showed some mockups here several months ago, but since then my main source of mockups, the kde-artists.org forum, died out because they are switching over to a new domain (afaik).

But there is another place where everyone can post new ideas – and which is used by other people to post these ideas: kde-look.org has a extra section for such things, KDE4 Brainstorm.

There you will find plenty of ideas and mockups – and several of them are worth a look!

Talking about KDE development, I realized that there are some very nice KDE pages I never seen before: I just stumbled over the Plasma Wiki and the kdevelop homepage, both of them are well designed and very useful.
That reminds me that I would like to attend to a KDE workshop or something for beginners (I have to admit that beginners means in this case that even my c++ knowledge is on a low level).

And, related to KDE, I’m updating my vmware kubuntu installation now to the newest kubuntu development version, dapper – seems to me it failed, because it can’t find the hard disk anymore. But that’s ok, that’s what vms are for – and that’s the way I’ve learned how to deal with linux 😉


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