X.Org – this time with videos

Linux Edge linked some videos from novell, showing a preview to their new Novell Linux Desktop 10 – it’s pretty amazing, and worth a look, although everything used there has already been shown (wobbling windows, transparent windows, cubic window changes etc.).

I’m looking forward how fast these new improvements will find there way into other Linux distributions – but I also have to admit that I’m a little bit worried if KDE get’s all these new improvements, too. I have the very strong feeling that all the big, fast developing, highly interesting distributions now using Gnome, and that KDE is more treated as a orphan. I would like to see some more obvious work their from other distributions. Sure, the Ubuntu project has promised to draw it’s focus much more on KDE, but there is not to much to see about this at the moment.

But anyway, the KDE-people will find their way – and even if they fall back now a little bit because of not enough support, we can hope that KOffice will drag back some people, because it will be nicer, faster and better working as OpenOffice 😉


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