I was unsure if I should update my system to Fedora Core in some weeks when it is released because that will include the modulized X.Org version 7.0 which is very different from the former, statical version. Not only the way of packaging but for example also the places of the configuration files are changed, and I was not sure if ati provides their 3d drivers for this X.Org version.

But now I read this post which raises hope – looks like that it works quite well. As usual it is better tested with Nvidia, as all the X-stuff is better supported by the 3D drviers from Nvidia, but it should work also with ati drivers – and I will give it a try as soon as possible 🙂

Ok, it’s still some weeks until FC5 comes out, but I will be ready.

Btw., I have to setup my work desktop computer tomorrow, and I decided to give Kubuntu a try – it’s the only distribution out there at the moment which really tries to support KDE by heart – from top to bottom (mandriva does not fit here, all their config programs for example are gtk based). And they put a lot of effort into KDE to improve it – it’s possible that they will be the only real KDE distribution in the next months until KDE 4 is released. I just hope that with KDE 4 some distributions will change back to KDE again – or at least more to a KDE-equal-to-gnome situation.

Sure, there are a lot of reasons why I will not like Kubuntu (I prefer yum much more than apt), but it’s never wrong to test around a little bit – and int the worst case it will only work as a terminal client :-p


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