Sometimes it just works

I’m working here at a physics project at the moment, and again I’m feeling confirmed with my impression that a big part of the physicans of the world are using Linux – often Red Hat or Fedora Core, something which I highly welcome – although every other distribution is welcomed, too, like in this case, where it is Mandriva 🙂

And one of the nice things here is, that it just works, and that it does it’s job. That is very important in this case where special machines are attached to special equipment, and where you need fast, but secure access to these machines sometimes with graphical forwarding, sometimes without. I wonder who this is for people woh never used Linux/Unix before, how there are dealing with such problems – or what they do when they come to a lab where everything works with Linux…

Btw., in this case I have to write a small app (better: modify an existing one so that it fits to our project) in C++, and for that I have to get access to one of the bigger servers. And for that I just launch kate remote, and do whatever I have to do 🙂

Actually, talking about the servers: the project coordinator is quite nice and trusts me, so I got root access to the machines I use daily (although I do not really need it). And now I can add another special machine I had fully root access to:
Besides the first machines which was really special in a way, a UltraSPARC II with Solaris 8 as operating System, I have now root access to a AMD Opteron dual-processor machine with 2 GHz (real GHz), 2 GB Ram and 3,5 TB (!) of hard disk! 😀
But before you start thinking now of all the nice thinks you could do with such an amount of data: the machine is highly used and the hard disk is almost full – physics have a lot of data to analyze :-/

Actually, the workstation I use is remarkable, too: it is a Intel Xeon dual-processor system (2,8 GHz) with 1 GB Ram and 250 GB hard disk – and everything with big screens (21″ I think).

Yes, I wish I could have one of these, just for playing and telling everybody I have these 😉

But, back to topic: they are running quite well, although we have to change the distribution of one of the machines in the near future because it runs with some development packages which can become dangerous in the future…
We’ll see, a lot of physics like scientific linux because of the backup by the cern, so that can be an option for the future – which I like very much, because it is derived from Red Hat sources, and I am well used to their way of building up a system 🙂


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