Talking about bugs

There is a bug now closed which I filled in almost half a year ago. The problem was that usb disks where not mounted utf8 when they were plugged in – that’s going on your nerves if you are not a english native speaker who is used to use other characters as well (äüö for example 🙂 ).

Although I have to admit that my way of helping was quite dilettantish at the beginning I solved the problem at least by myself – not realizing that a pacht has been already applied.
I checked why the patch didn’t make it to my system and it looks like that the hald-package I had was from the nr-repository.
nr-rpms is a repo with a lot of bleeding edge gnome stuff – I activated it when I tried out the newest beagle, but it was updating a lot of other packages too, and broke some compatibilities. And nr-rpms hasn’t patched its package with this patch.

But, for me: I know that beagle will be quite nice on my laptop once I update it to fc5 (and once the mail bug I discovered is solved 🙂 ), and I already have a hal which works very well and exactly as it does together with my usb storage devices.

And in a related story: I now filled in a bug about KDE and luks-crypto support with hal – some Red Hat people tried it with gnome, and it works basically, so it is worth a try for KDE 🙂


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