A little bit X future…

Although it’s pretty old, I would like to link to a flash-presentation of novells brainshare: the quite long, but shows some of the xgl-improvements they made in the last months.

But keep in mind: novell came up with a development modell which lead to some problems: they kept everyone out of development, and tried to develop behind closed doors, and that’s nothing which has helped the Free Software movement at any time.

But the situation has changed a little bit, novell showed up the code and opened up the development after several developers pointed at the situation and after the media started to draw a not-nice picture of novell.

So, if you want to have a look at the possibilities of the X.Org-Server of the next geenration (or, at X of the next generation, I have no idea when they will implement what), look here. The interesting part begins somewhere at 1 h 17 m. Before that there is although something nice: some mono apps are shown, and some other novell stuff – all over all nothing really new, but nice to see.

Especially because we will see some of this mono stuff in Fedora Core 🙂


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