Central control tool for Fedora Core

It looks like I’m not the only one who wants to see a central configuration tool for Fedora Core: this album shows some previews of a possible frontend.

Although it is just a frontend to the existing frontends of the system-config-*-family it can be quite useful just to have everything necessary and important for the system control at one place.
That’s what I always liked about Yast from suse – everything was central organized at one place,
Compared to suse this way is much better because every tool is still accessible through it’s own frontend, and every influence on the system is always in a way that you can still change the files by hand without getting errors from the configuration tool.

Once again I must admit that, for me, Fedora Core is developing and growing in a way exactly as I like it – except the problem that they do not support kde in a real way and let starve the kde users. :-/
I’m not sure if it would really be better if Fedora Core would move KDE to extras so that the community could focus on improving these packages. We would probably see more improvements and more patches in KDE than, be we could have more trouble to integrate KDE in a reasonable way, as a KDE user would expect it…

But, besides that, I’m looking forward – because there will be KDE 4 😀


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