MTP – the second

Some months ago I wanted to have a MP3/Ogg player – actually more a Ogg player because almost all my music is Ogg (btw.: I know that the correct term for the audio codec is Vorbis, not Ogg-Vorbis or Ogg, but the file format is ogg, and this is a blog, so I don’t care so strict :-p). I heard lots about the very good Ogg support of iRiver, and decided to buy one of their players. It was in the time when the new T30 came out, and I bought one of the first available – and was deeply disappointed. They used the new mtp-protocol, designed by Microsoft and some others, and at this time only usable with Windows Media Player 10, which requires Windows XP.

I had the hope that iRiver probably would release a new firmware to use the device as an mass storage system, but they answered with no. And there were no help available in the Open Source world because these drivers were just released – I was one of the first people who got one…

Later on I decided to send iRiver to hell, but found satisfaction with a new (btw.: much better) device, an U2 from iAudio.
I’m using this U2 since then and I’m completely satisfied with it. And I started to inform myself a bit more about iAudio and realized that they build quite good players and that these players are mostly working as USB mass storage and have Ogg support – what do you want more?
Actually, I was so pleased that I bought later on a X5 for my sister – a very cool and nice player which has a hard drive and works like a charm – and after all I know technical much superior to the famous iPods.

Time passed by, and I eventually forgot about mtp and this stuff – until today!

Today I was working in the German Wikipedia again, and continued my some days ago started work to polish up all articles about, ogg, vorbis, theora etc. While working their I came pass a site which listed several devices which were able to play Ogg. I saw the T30 there again, and decided to give google a quick look if there is something new on the mtp/Linux front – and their is!

Thanks to these form posts I read about the new development version of gphoto2:

Basic MTP support for iRiver mp3 players using ptp driver T10, T20, T30, M415

gphoto2 now comes with mtp support! Ok, built especially for the iRiver devices, but it’s a very good start, and as it is a protocol-“standard” (Microsoft way of standard, not a real standard) it should work on other devices, too.

I am very happy to read this – especially because Linux now has a support which several other Windows versions don’t have (Windows 2k, Windows XP with older Media Players, and so on). Ok, it’s still a development version, but I hope they will release it soon – and if not, whatfor do we normally use Linux distributions? They can provide packages with extra packages!

Yes, on days like this I really like the Open Source community, the development processes, and that it really works! 🙂


2 thoughts on “MTP – the second”

  1. Thanks for the comment – this is at least an alternative for these people who have a T30 or similar (I sold mine and got an iAudio).


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