Interview about KDE 4

Seconds before I wanted to shut down my computer (I was already to late because I helped a newbie at irc) I found this interview with Aaron Seigo at It is as intersting as promising, but with one bad news: no Screenshots yet 😦

But I understand why they do it, and as long as I still have my build errors in KDE 4 I cannot provide you with any real Screenshots :-/
But the time will come 🙂
Another not-so-nice-but-expected thing in this interview is the beta-release time Seigo expects: Fall 2006, that’s pretty late compared to the fact that Windows Vista will be out then. KDE 4 has to be much better to get enough attention and positive feedback from the press and reviewers… But I just hope that it will be 🙂

Related to this I dreamed a little bit about the perfect world – there we would see Windows smashed in the eye-candy and usability wars between Gnome and KDE – both of them would develop in two different directions, and would push each other, while Windows would have no chance to follow both of them 🙂

Talking/Dreaming about (useful) eye-candy, I realized that one of the X developers who is strongly involved in the eye-candy development there is a KDE developer (Zack Rusin, as Aaron Seigo employed by Trolltech). I hope that means that we get a well X-integrated KDE. The only thing which is still missing is a X-eye-candy supporting graphics driver for my stupid ATI card. Next time I will try to get a good 3D card which is provided with Open Source drivers. As far as I got it Intel does a quite good job in this area, similar to their wireless lan drivers (which are not fully open source, but better than many other solutions)…

So, for the future: we will get a breathtaking KDE 4 – the question is more about when, and if our hardware is strong enough to support everything 😉


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