New program managing tools at Fedora Core

kOoLiNuS pointed me to a webpage where you can see a sneak preview of fc5.

The most important things from my point of view are that you can see the new update-tool Pup and a new package installer which shall replace system-config-packages. Although the second mentioned one is still quite ugly and needs a lot of design-polish up it looks very promising, and is very good to hear that we will finally see a new package manager gui. That will help to make it easier for new users.

In a related story, I got an answer on the mentioned bug – it basically said that I have to explain again what I want. It’s a little bit sad because that shows that no one (besides me) thinks that there is a strong need for easy methods of installing new repositories for updating third party software. But well, at least I tried. If I have a better idea, or a better idea how to communicate it, I will try again, hope dies last.

And, btw.: I switched over from knewsticker to akregator. The disadvantage is that I don’t see it anymore when new headlines are given, I have to open the program to read them – but that’s an advantage also because I’m not deviated anymore by the ticker itself. And akregator is better to put some news sources inside which only release new information very seldom, like the ati-driver-ticker, which comes up with an update every two months 🙂


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