New fresh apps in KDE

I thought a bit about it, and I just want to make sure that other people can’t get angry with me:

There were several new things in KDE in the last weeks and months – I’m very well aware of it! But one reason because it just doesn’t come to your mind is that KDE develops normally in form of a complete system. So, for example, with the release of KDE 3.5 we got very many kicker enhancements, konqueror was able to pass the acid2 test, and so on.

And there was akregator which came up some months ago and was very much welcomed – but I must admit that I wasn’t really aware of this program because I never ever use it (although I should probably start with, because I always wish to have knewsticker providing the feature of only showing the news which are new….).

Last but not least: as long as we wait for KDE 4, we will see new releases of KOffice – with even better Open Document support, new tools, enhanced apps and, I hope, mcuh improved guis – enoguh to look forward 🙂


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