Software installation on linux – a bug report

As you probably now I think a lot about making software installation much easier with Linux. Besides inventing new software package formats, change all systems over to rpm/deb/autopackage and other ideas I realized for myself that we can’t do it in one big step – no one would follow.

But there are small steps you could do, and one would be for example to wrap a rpm package in a meta-package which also contains information about the update source – so you wouldn’t have much more than a text-file for /etc/yum.repos.d/ and the rpm package itself.
Another possibility would be to only have the text file and the name of the package which should be installed after adding the source to yum.

The advantage in this case would be that the average user, who is not able to add yum sources, would be able to keep his installed software up2date – he wouldn’t have to care about this.
Another advantage would be one step closer to perfect software management – imagin that a gui would access this metafile and read it in – together with some more information in the meta file you would be able to create a kind of instant installer which reads all needed information (license, etc.) out of the meta file and than installs everything.

Sure, the main disadvantage even here is that it has to be accpeted. But to get other people to notice it I filled in a bug report today at the redhat bugzilla. I don’t know if someone even reads it, but it’s better than just writin here without anyone taking notice 😉


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