Gnome and KDE

I read some news about banshee these days and I must admit that I’m quite impresed how the gnome folks are now developing more and more apps with mono – and more and more very nice apps (although I prefer amarok, and I think that amarok is much better :-p ).

That let me think about the development of new KDE apps – what was there the last month? The last new shots I remember were amarok and kat. But amarok seems to be almost complete, and kat is in an unclear state (from my point of ciew) because I haven’t seen a new version since October!

So I thought about if probably gnome no tries to outrun KDE with shiny new apps – but than I realized that KDE and all apps around it have other things to do: porting! It’s KDE4 what’s comming up, and all apps has to focus on fitting into the new KDE4 environment (which is not ready yet :-/ ).

So it will balance again – until then I hope that the integration of these new gnome-apps into the KDE desktop will be ok, because I will probably use one or more of these apps (probably beagle if kat still needs some time, there was a video editor based on mono somewhere around, don’t know the name). And I’m looking forward if there will be a change in special “occupied” fields. For example: if you talk about burning CD’s/DVD’s on Linux, everyone points to k3b – it doesn’t matter which desktop you use. Probably the gnome folks will come up with something refreshing new?
But if you ask someone to edit pictures, everyone will refer to Gimp – it’s the “Linux-standard” for picture editing. But Krita is comming up, and it is on it’s way with some new features which Gimp does not support. So We will see what’s happening – and it doesn’t matter what will happening, both will win everytime, because competition is not so bad, especially if its made between friends 🙂


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